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Book Review — By Carolyn Maxwell

Let the Breeze Blow — by Eralides E. Cabrera

262 Pages: Don’t let the title fool you.  This book which is a very fast read takes you from the fast, but calm city of Miami Florida where Businessman Carlos  Garcia leads an idyllic life with his family to Mexico and the devastation of the Mexican Cartels.  Castro’s Cuba is continuously mentioned throughout the book as both Carlos and his wife, Lucia were born there, but came to the United States as youngsters.  Although Carlos loves his family dearly his wife Lucia (who is 10 years younger than him).  It is his their only child Alicia who is the cause of friction between them.  Alicia who is at the age of 17 longs to visit the childhood homes in Cuba where her parents lived.  Alicia has gone so far as to inquire on her own as how to go there.  She looked on the internet and at various agencies about travel to Cuba.  While her mother Lucia can understand her daughter’s desire to go, Carlos (her dad) vehemently is opposed to ever setting foot in Cuba while Castro is still in power.

Carlos has a close friendship with an elderly man named Pena, who also escaped from Castro’s Cuba.  Carlos eventually caves into his wife & daughter’s request and arranged for them to take the trip.  The big mistake Carlos Garcia makes is entrusting the travel arrangements to someone who was recommended by his friend Pena.

Carlos Garcia, although a shrewd Businessman for some reason takes liberties when it comes to his family’s safety.  Why he would allow someone of a  suspicious background and who he barely knows to look after his family is a puzzlement.  This left me with a suspicion that maybe he had arranged their kidnapping (which I thought would be a twist at the end of the story).  With the theme of Garcia hating Castro’s Cuba throughout the book, the irony is that his wife and daughter never make it to Cuba.  Cardona who arranged this trip is the suspicious gentleman who told Carlos that  it would be best if Carlos’ wife and daughter traveled through Mexico first on their way to Cuba.  Carlos thought this was odd but he ultimately caved in.  That was a big mistake and no sooner had Lucia and Alicia stepped off the plane in Mexico their lives were in constant danger.  Carlos Garcia may be the shrewd Businessman, but his wife Lucia is the strong one here.  Although she was introduced as someone who is needy and pampered by her husband, in an emergency situation I think after reading this book she is the one you want standing in your corner.

I only wish the author had flushed out Carlos Garcia and his wife’s Cuban background more.  I can see another novel coming from Mr. Cabrera soon.  I hope it deals with what made Carlos Garcia so hardened about Cuba and Carlos’ wife Lucia sacrificing to go to visit again to satisfy her daughter’s wishes.  Are you listening Mr. Cabrera?

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