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Preserving Perth Amboy’s History “Time is of the Essence”

PERTH AMBOY – “There is risk involved in everything the government does.  People worked hard and we should take on the risk and perhaps have people who signed on to work on the archeological digs to sign waivers.”  These words were spoken by Bill Petrick. Business Administrator Greg Fehrenbach spoke to several insurance companies about the waivers and he said, “It’s not even worth the paper that it’s signed on.”

Mr. Petrick remembered in the 1970’s when a local science teacher would take students on digs all the time in the City.  The main topic of the discussion held at the 1/9/2012 Caucus had to do specifically with the Thomas Mundy Peterson Site located on Commerce Street.  Council Kenneth Balut said that the Thomas Mundy Peterson Site plus the Eagleswood Site located on the intersection of Convery Blvd. and Smith St. are private properties.  He wanted to table the discussion about the digs (specifically the insurance issues) until he could meet with the State and County elected officials and also Monmouth University.  He has already made phone calls to our Assembly and Senate representatives to get funding for these projects.

At the regular Council Meeting of 1/11/2012 a Mr. Gordon Bond was especially interested in the Thomas Mundy Peterson property.  “It is now an empty lot but we can do an archeological investigation to uncover any important artifacts.  There is a possibility that an individual will extend their insurance to cover the dig but we need support of the Council and the City.  We may have need to use heavy equipment that may take 1 to 3 days if excavation goes through it could take 1 to 2 months tops.”

An resident of the Landings was concerned about the contaminants on the Peterson Property and if contaminants are found the City may find themselves liable.  Councilman Bill Petrick spotted Historian Anton J. Massopust in the audience and asked if he would like to make a statement regarding either properties.

Mr. Massopust who has been involved for years with archeological digs in Perth Amboy said, “I doubt very much if there are contaminants at the Eagleswood Site.  The area where the excavation will take place at Eagleswood was capped by cement slab by the Pardee Company long before the Philip Carey Company operated in the area.  As far as the Thomas Mundy Peterson Site – that has always been residential so you don’t have to worry in regards to that area.”

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