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Reflections on Mr. Leroy Nanton

This week on January 10, 2012 Perth Amboy lost a Pillar of the Community. The Staff of the Amboy Guardian extends its heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends and all of those in the community whose heart Mr. Nanton touched. I remember when I would go to St. Peter’s Church occasionally and Mr. Nanton would be there as a lay reader.  Every time I would hear him speak in that capacity it would be if as I was looking at a preacher.  He had that much of a presence to me. — C.M.

I met Leroy Nanton at my Christening.  Although I don’t remember I was reminded of this by his son, Dennis who gave me a photo of  my parents (Anton and Marcella Massopust) and myself as a baby (1 month old).  I always remember him as I was growing up coming by and his smile.  I always laugh when I came back from graduate school and was driving my car and I saw Leroy walking on McClellan St.  He looked at me and said, “You’re driving?”  I answered “Yes, I am.”  and Mr. Nanton replied, “Damn! I’m getting old!”  Leroy did attend my wedding and he was always a gentle soul with a smile.  He will be missed. — K.A.M.

Losing a friend is never easy no matter what other roles the person played in your life.  It never matters you how you feel at the time he/she will still be your friend.  Leroy Nanton was a part of my life.  He was always a friend of the family but I really got to know him in my later years when Mr. Nanton took my night school photography class.  Leroy always enjoyed photography and was a regular student in my class for many years.  He taught science in Shull School and was he was a very active member in his community and also in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  I always remember him working the booths at St. Peter’s Carnivals.   He was loved by many and his gentle smile touched so many people.  The Lord must have needed a special science teacher and he sure got the best.  He will be missed by many including his students and fellow teachers.  This was apparent at his wake.  He was a person of many levels, very private and soft spoken.  He may be gone but his memories remain in our hearts.  His smile and his face will never fade. He would always leave my photography class on a pleasant note, with his usual parting words, “Good night, young professor.” and I would reply, “Good night, young man.”  and I say now to my friend Leroy, “Good night, young man.”
— P.W.W.

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