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The Key to the City

Your mention of the passing of Bill George and Richard Piatkowski brought tears to my eyes, and fond memories of the two great gentlemen.  They were like my much younger brothers.  Bill George was a graduate of Monmouth College, now Monmouth University of which my daughter, Beatrice Rogers is  Assistant Vice President.

After I read your editorial A Mixed Bag, I tuned in to the TV Movie Channel 43 to view a 1950 movie,  Key to the City with Clark Gable as mayor of San Francisco and Loretta Young as mayor of an East Coast City such as Perth Amboy.  They meet at a Mayor’s Convention in San Francisco.   I am especially fond of this West Coast City because it was the last and first mainland city I saw on a a couple of combat tours of duty and numerous civilian flights.  I also visited former Perth Amboy residents who lived there.  I call Perth Amboy San Francisco East because of the many similarities.

Loretta Young reminds me very much of our own Mayor Wilda Diaz who with her many talents could well play an updated version in that role.  Wilda has done a remarkable job in restoring much of the City from the mess she inherited form the form3e4 mayor who is now a guest of Uncle Sam in Ohio.  The ladies do a better job in whatever they attempt to do .  They tend to clean up messes that the more corruptible males make.  In this upcoming election  I shall whole heartedly support Wondrous Wilda!

Thank you for your courtesies,

Very truly yours,

Peter Book/a.k.a. Pedro Libro

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