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Property Tax Reduction Still Being Questioned

PERTH AMBOY– With questions about the Spa Springs area having their property taxes reduced, Tax Assessor JoAnn Jimenez came before the Council to answer any concerns they have of assessment options. In regards to reevaluations, she calmly explained, “A map divides the city’s neighborhoods into 30 sections. This would include make-up of neighborhoods, what kind of zoning is allowed and lot sizes. Ward and districts are not a factor into readjustments of land values.”

JoAnn Jimenez

JoAnn Jimenez

William Petrick

Councilman William Petrick

Councilman Bill Petrick asked Ms. Jimenez, “Exactly what percentage of the town has not been reassessed?”

To which she responded, “Two-thirds have to be done, which is about 1700 properties.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez questioned if the Middlesex County Tax Board needs to be involved in regards to Perth Amboy’s property values.  “I’m sure Ms. Jimenez knows more about what our property values are than the County Tax Board.”

“We have to comply with the Middlesex County Tax Board,”  responded Ms. Jimenez.  “As far as the assessments it would take a couple of years to do the whole town.”

Bill Petrick and Kenneth Gonzalez agreed that readjustments are the best and least expensive way to go.

The Amboy Guardian went onto the City of Perth Amboy website, where we obtained the following information regarding the Tax Assessor’s responsibilities.  For more detailed information we suggest you do the same.

“The Assessor’s office has no control over the tax rates.  The tax rate on your bill is determined by the county Board of Taxation based on budgets submitted by the municipality, county and schools, and the total assessed value of the municipality. With changes in budgets, tax rates and assessments all affecting the tax you pay, the key to your Real Estate Tax is the bottom line of any budget: “Amount to be raised by Taxation.” Presently, state school aid, part of which comes from the state Income Tax, is based on the equalized valuation of assessments.”

It’s also important to know that the Tax Assessor’s Office works with the calendar as required by the State Division of Taxation.  Important dates, especially for property owners are the 1st of the following months, February, April, October, November and December.

They also list the phone numbers of the Middlesex County Tax Board which is 732-745-3350, Middlesex County Clerk’s Office 732-745-3005, and the New Jersey Division of Taxation/ Property Administration 609-292-8822.

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