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Superintendent Authors Book

PERTH AMBOY – Janine Walker Caffrey, Ed.D., the Superintendent of Schools in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, is the author of a unique book, Nurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing Your Child’s Gifts (Great Potential Press, that was recently released.

During her career, she has taught special education at several different schools in all kinds of communities. She then a non-public school in Florida called Renaissance Academy, which focuses on the arts. While at Renaissance Academy, she wrote a parenting book called Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve. She later worked for the New York City Department of Education, improving parent involvement and student achievement.

Dr. Caffrey has delighted in the experience of raising and educating brilliant children—not just students, but her own children as well. She loves writing, making videos, and speaking about parenting and education so that others can find joy and success in raising their children.

In her second book, Nurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing Your Child’s Gifts, Dr. Caffrey recognizes that gifted children are diamonds in the rough—small gems that, when polished appropriately, can sparkle and shine with luminous splendor. Without the proper nurturance, however, their sparks of brilliance may never ignite. Dr. Caffrey discusses what parents can do to help nurture the talents of children who demonstrate evidence of giftedness.

She also includes concrete recommendations for getting appropriate educational adjustments from your child’s school, as well as how to help your child even out communication and motor skills, deal with friendship and parent-child relationship issues, and learn the best way to become financially responsible and the smartest method of choosing the right college. Her book breaks down the differences in the categories of “gifted” and examines each one so parents are sure to find helpful information that is suited to their child, no matter his or her area of exceptionality.

Susan M. Heim (Co-Author, Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power, and Former Senior Editor, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series) says, “Uncovering and nurturing our children’s brilliance is an essential parenting skill. This comprehensive guide is a critical tool in helping our children to realize their full potential!”

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