EDITORIAL: Election 2012 Perth Amboy

I must say I am truly looking forward to the November 2012 Elections coming up. Recently the Board of Education decided to move their elections from April to November. The pro’s and con’s of doing this was discussed at the Perth Amboy Council Meeting on 2/8/12 and the Board of Education Meeting on 2/9/12. The biggest sticking points were the savings of $35,000 and the anticipation of the possibility of more voter participation.

Several speakers said that the Board of Education should remain in April to keep the focus on Board of Education matters and that perhaps people would be confused by so many names and items on the November Ballot.

I personally love to vote in both the Board of Education and General Elections. If both are held at the same time that means I would vote for the Board Members and the people running in the General Election. So either way if the Board of Education kept the date in April I still would have voted. Some people made the argument that inclement weather might be a deterrent for people coming out to vote in November. Let’s face it, even in very good weather we have had low voter turnout. Since November is going to be a very hot election, especially with the Presidential Race taking place I have a feeling (and I hope it comes true) that there will be a larger voter turnout. The argument has also been raised that there are people that just want to vote in School Board Elections and not the General Elections and Vice-Versa. Perhaps when those people are behind the curtain common sense might say to them, “While I’m here why don’t I just vote for the Candidates running in the General Election and the School Board and make my voice heard not only locally but nationally. MY VOTE DOES COUNT.” That would make sense.

As a former poll clerk I feel that having so many different elections is a waste of money. Why should money be spent on poll clerks, overtime police and City Officials for an election that brings out so few voters? By moving the elections to November there will be greater voter turnout and more interest in politics. Some people only come out to vote once every 4 years for the Presidential Election. Now Voters are forced to be aware of other elections which affect them.

Another suggestion since it is Primary Election time. Every four years instead of having State by State Primaries. I believe that candidates should be given time to tour the entire United States. At the end of June have ONE DAY that is a Super Primary Election Day throughout the United States. In this way Iowa or New Hampshire or whatever State has an early primary will not influence the other States who will be having their Primaries later in the year. This would be more fair to the candidates and be a more of an even playing field for all involved.

C.M. & K.M.

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One Response to “EDITORIAL: Election 2012 Perth Amboy”

  1. James Devine says:

    A greater turnout may not translate into more interest in politics, so the result may be that the election hangs on the behavior of uninformed voters.

    There is a normal drop in votes cast for president and lower level offices that appear on the same ballot. Same in races for governor.

    When small groups vote in school elections, non-partisan municipal races or primaries, they include voters who have an interest above that of most citizens. Were there a critical issue or controversial candidate, you can bet turnout would increase.

    Frankly, citizens have done a terrible job of voting. The re-election of George W Bush Jr — after he lied and got USA into Iraq — was a travesty of justice and New Jersey’s last four elected governors are further proof that people have fallen down on the job.

    Democracy and our republican form of government are fantastic when they work, but people who vote and those who have failed to vote had better start exercising that right and performing their responsibility like adults and not like spoiled children.

    It is time for voters to take their responsibility more seriously. There is nothing less at stake than the fate of life as we know it.


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