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Setting Off a Firestorm

 Discussion between Carolyn & Katherine

I was discussing with my co-worker, Katherine about the upcoming industries opening up in the Amboy’s: Vopak, Viridian (in Perth Amboy) and Woodmont Properties (South Amboy). In this ever changing tech world you may have to decide if you want to pursue a career that would make you happy or financially secure. What set off this firestorm is when I said to Katherine, “I don’t know if a Master’s Degree in Philosophy will cut it in this day and age.” I cannot think any of any area right now where that type of degree would have a great demand in our local job market.

Katherine’s answer was to quote her father who stated that Thomas Jefferson wanted “an educated society – not a trained society.” The purpose of going to College is to learn how to think. If you choose a degree in philosophy it can be preparation for the Seminary and other fields.”

We Googled “Careers in Philosophy” and among one of the examples that came up was it could be used for preparation for a career in Journalism.

So I gave Katherine one point for that. My argument was referring to the specific job skills and education that the above industries are looking for. Vopak and Viridian are industries that would attract those individuals with a technological and science background. Woodmont Properties will develop a 15 Acre Parcel Area that will include the Venetian Care Center. This skilled Nursing Facility in South Amboy will attract those who went to school to become home health aides. I assume there will be in great demand for this service.

Of course all of these projects will need Construction workers but that is only for a specific amount of time until the project is completed. The jobs I am talking about are positions that will be needed long term. There are a lot of temp agencies in Perth Amboy and I see that the vans are loaded taking workers to jobs in other towns. I venture to say that they are probably going to Edison (Raritan Center), Piscataway and wherever else there are factories.

At one time I was going to this one particular temp agency and they actually had a client in Lakewood, NJ which was a Pharmaceutical Company. That company at the time was so successful that they had three shifts. It was not unusual to get tons of overtime during the week and weekends. Unfortunately that company shut its doors about five years ago.

I don’t know how long unskilled labor jobs will be around with more and more automation taking place. We need to bring more manufacturing jobs back to our local area. This will stimulate the town’s economy.

Katherine’s Comments:

How many unskilled jobs are available in the United States today? Many of our Country’s factories have moved overseas not to return to the United States.

The U.S. is becoming more of a technological society and less of an industrial society. We are becoming increasingly dependent on the technology created by the industry on foreign soil.

Carolyn agreed with this last sentence.

Katherine & Carolyn:

Don’t close your eyes to an industry that you think you would have no interest in. Companies have openings in all different departments. I suggest you look at a company’s profile. There might be something there for you.

Neither of us ever thought we would be publishing a newspaper. That was not in either of our plans. It’s not always easy but we’ll say this, It gives us an outlet to express our views. Please send us yours.

— C.M. & K.M.

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