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The Socialist Republic of America

Obama now has a new name. He is now called the Anti-Progress President. He relies on the fact that people will follow him down the primrose path. How foolish these people are — you are the ones that march to the maniacal leader’s drum beat. If he were the leader during the early 1900’s we probably would not have oil production, trains, cars or even telephones. He would put a stop on inventions and discoveries because it could cause stress.

Take a look at the school lunch programs. He now has supervisors that check the lunch boxes of pre-schoolers to make sure the parents are giving their children the proper diet. Thanks Michele. Dodgeball is banned in school. It could cause harm to some children. He is turning our children into woosies. Many little leagues are not given credit for wins — it may make them feel inferior if they are losers.

You do-gooders and you know who you are. I feel sorry for you. When the day comes and you finally see the light — you’ll wonder aloud how this come about and you didn’t see it coming. Like the frog in a pot of warm water and the water is heated and they are boiled alive. Yes, many of you are sheep and you don’t know it. Our freedom is slowly being taken away.

What Obama does now has nothing to do with Bush: His agenda is Socialism. He has succeeded in everything he has attempted. At this rate given 4 more years we will be called the Socialist Republic of America.

Even our trust in God is now being put to the test. He has infringed upon our religious institutions. When will he tell the Muslims they must eat pork. He wouldn’t dare do that. This man will stop at nothing to bring this country to its knees.

Everyone says, “Oh, he is such a nice person.” We are past that. We need a leader who will provide us with the tools we need to care for our families, uphold the law and to be proud of our status in the world. I don’t hate everyone. I hate injustice and those who attempt to thrust it upon us. I feel sorry for those who do not see it.

— Barbara Skokan

One Response to “The Socialist Republic of America”

  1. El Guapo says:

    With all due respect, I think it’s time you stop listening to all “pundits” on Fox News. I know that’s where you get all of your information, because word for word, you are reciting all of their talking points. You’re going to be very disappointed come November, when Pres.Obama is re-elected. Try doing some research, instead of providing non-existent rhetoric and hysterics! Pres.Obama is doing an excellent job, despite all the road blocks your Republican/Tea Party cronies keep putting up! I for one am sick of reading your baseless accusations that Obama is ruining this country! Look in the mirror Ms.Skokan. That’s what is wrong with this country! You, the Hannitys, Becks, Coulters, Limbaughs, and ultra right wingers. All you see is a black man, and you and your lot can’t, and never will, accept that!


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