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A Two-Way Street

We Serve the Community but We Need the  Community to Also Serve Us—

Parents are always told by experts that you should not show favoritism towards one child over another. Although I have no children of my own I do have many special people that I come into contact with. One particular person who comes to mind is Rose Pennyfeather. She is the art teacher at the Perth Amboy Catholic School. We often get calls from different organizations asking if we could send a photographer to take pictures at their various functions. We don’t mind doing this but occasionally there are numerous activities taking place at the same time, and with our limited staff we can’t cover them all.

The one thing about Mrs. Pennyfeather is that she submits photos of activities at her school and that of the students’ accomplishments. She knows how important it is for the pupils to be recognized for their achievements. She realizes how busy our staff is covering the municipal meetings to keep the public informed of what is going on in their towns.

The Guardian will gladly accept submitted photos from our area and surrounding towns. If there is a student or someone in your community that you feel should be recognized for their accomplishments, in academics, athletics, performing arts or civic service, etc. Please let us know and we would be glad to publish your submitted materials. (We would give you photo credit) Please supply any pertinent information so we can give proper credit to the appropriate party.

Our staff often does double duty. Besides taking pictures they put the paper together, create ads when necessary, type up the paper and do interviews. If need be they also go out and get businesses to advertise. They are worth every cent I pay them and more.

If there are any fund-raisers to help an unfortunate family or individual please contact us.

There are always people taking photos at different events. I often when go to the School Board or Council Meetings where individuals or groups are being recognized for their contributions. During the presentations there are always proud family members snapping photos. Why not submit them to the Guardian?

Looking through different publications I see organizations have submitted photos to other papers and I wish they would extend the same courtesy to the Amboy Guardian.

Serving the community has to be a two-way street. When I first started the paper one of my longtime advertisers told me I should just publish twice a month because he was concerned about my well-being and he could see that I was under a lot of stress. I thought long and hard about that but so many people said to me, “We need to have a weekly paper.” And I decided a weekly was the only way to go.

I am very fortunate that I have a very good staff who goes beyond what I ask of them. You don’t know how many times in the beginning and still today (once in a blue moon) we are up to 1 a.m. putting finishing touches on the paper.

We would also like to see more letters submitted to the editor telling us what you think about living in your town – the good or the bad. We assume that if you don’t give your opinion that life is good and you’re happy with the status quo. If that is so, then I am very happy for you.

Perhaps our readership might be so fed up with what’s going on that they feel what is the point in voicing their opinions. This is why I like my staff. They are not afraid to say to me “You know Carolyn, I think this might work better if we do it this way.” And sometimes they are right.


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