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Mayor Wilda Diaz’s Continued Capital Improvement Program

Mayor Wilda Diaz’s Continued Capital Improvement Program New Equipment For Pot-Hole Patch Work—

PERTH AMBOY— Mayor Wilda Diaz witnesses the first-time use of Department of Public Works’ (DPW) newest piece of equipment, an asphalt hot box, allowing for better and more permanent repairs of pot holes throughout the City.

Pot-Hole Repair on McClellan St. — Photo by Paul W. Wang

Prior to the use of this hot box, pot-holes were mended with a “cold patch” during the winter season. Though lasting, the repair was not permanent. The new equipment keeps the asphalt at an appropriate temperature to settle and bond to the surface, allowing for a long-term pot-hole repair.

“The safety and cleanliness of a municipality is often what is most important to residents. To that end, it is my goal to also make sure that our pathways are in a suitable condition for our motorists,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz.

While potholes normally occur during the change of seasons due to precipitation, DPW will work year-round to ensure improved streets for Perth Amboy residents and visitors. Priority locations are roadways leading to emergency services facilities, school zones, houses of worship, the business district and main thoroughfares.

This $28,000 equipment was purchased as a result of the Capital Improvement Program that was initiated during Mayor Diaz’s administration, to begin replacing outdated and overused City equipment and capital– while focusing on one of her greatest priorities of reducing the overall debt and the making the most of the City’s available resources.

To report a pothole, please contact the Department of Public Works at 732-826-2010 or visit our website to submit a Pothole Repair Request From.

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