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In January there was yet another call to the Perth Amboy Police Department on early Saturday morning. There was a body found on Prospect Street 3 houses down from Michael’s Industrial Luncheonette and Ann Marie’s house, right smack in Ann Marie’s driveway. Wayne John Soto breathed his last right there.

I cautioned Ann Marie not to hire uncontrolled alcoholics especially if they were sick or prone to violence because it was a danger to them and the community. I cautioned Michael not to hire uncontrolled alcoholics because it was a danger to their health and to the community. She told me that there was nothing she could do about it. I told her and Michael that they could stop hiring them, especially Michael. Michael because he was shut down by the city of Perth Amboy (the Board of Health) and Ann Marie because she was placing the neighborhood in danger. District 4 Ward 5.

Wayne John Soto was living with my next door neighbor. He lived a hard life and he brought his friend Mark to live at my next door neighbor’s house too. Unfortunately there were other substance abusers who would stop by to “borrow” money from my neighbors even though they were not to be in the house at all. Wayne was already on seizure precautions and his friend was trying to do better.

But the other substance abusers would stop over to “borrow” money from my neighbors for beer, crack cocaine and eat my 89 year old next door neighbor’s food.

This week the others broke into the house that is now on sale. They stole the copper and ceiling tiles and my 89 year old neighbor is in the nursing home and Wayne by the Grace of God shall Rest in Peace, and the friend is fighting to keep his head above water. It is time for the thieves, the cowards, the liars and the drunkards to leave. There is no place for them. We lost the battle but we will win the war. Wayne, Rest in Peace Dear Friend.


Patti Perez from the

Abundant Life Worship Center

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