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Councilmen Mark Noble Resigns Effective Immediately

Mark Noble

by Joseph L. Kuchie —

SOUTH AMBOY – When South Amboy residents were done speaking at last Wednesday’s council meeting, much of the audience began to pack up and head toward the door.

However, council president Joseph Connors paused before asking for an adjournment to the meeting. He turned to councilmen Mark Noble and said the council vice president wanted to make a statement.

Noble, sitting at his usual seat at the edge of the row, pulled out a piece of paper from his files and leaned toward the microphone. With the residents of South Amboy looking on, Noble delivered a surprising message.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of South Amboy,” Noble said. “However, after consideration and many conversations with my wife and family, I’ve decided to resign my seat of councilmen effective immediately.”

Noble explained that his upcoming retirement from the Sheriff’s Department would take up a majority of his time, and he needed to focus on his future. Noble did not believe that he would be able to give all of his attention to the city with all the upcoming changes.

“I’ll be retiring from the Sheriff’s Department early next year after 25 years and I need to focus on the future and what’s best for my family,” Noble said. “During this time, I don’t feel I could give 100 percent to the people of South Amboy and be an effective councilmen.”

Once his speech concluded, he was welcomed with a standing ovation from both the council and the residents of South Amboy. Noble served four years on the council after winning the second ward election in 2008, and was recently named council vice president at January’s re-organization meeting.

“I take my position very serious, and although this has been a difficult decision to make, I believe this is the right one,” Noble said. “I’ve enjoyed my time with the councilmen, and it has allowed me to build great relationships with many wonderful people, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Along with the Sheriff’s Department, Noble has also been a member of the Planning Board and the South Amboy Renaissance Corporation. He has also been an active member of the Knights of Columbus, the Sons of the American Legion South Amboy Post 62 and the Irish-American Association.

No decision has been made on who will replace Noble on the council. The next meeting will be held April 4th at 7:00 PM.

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