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EDITORIAL: Beautiful Minds

Look at the photo. You may be looking at future business leaders, lawyers, politicians

The Perth Amboy High School Debate Team

but most of all you are looking at some of the brightest, articulate, ambitious and motivated young women and men. A lot of athletes are looked upon for their extraordinary ability on the field or court. You have to remember that with sports eventually your physical abilities will eventually diminish over time. Have you ever had a strong opinion about a particular subject and someone came along and was able to make an argument to change your mind on that particular matter?

The PAHS Debate Team has placed ahead of teams that were favored to win in competition. So impressive was the was the Perth Amboy Debate Team that they have been invited to appear at the United Nations in New York by the Dominican Republic Delegation.

They have nowhere to go but up. The students and their mentors were recognized with citations from the Mayor and City Council at the 3/28 Council Meeting. Their mentors/parents/guardians and supporters were also recognized as a driving forces in helping them achieve their goals.

Personally, I love hearing people who are very articulate, especially teenagers. It is very pleasing to my ear when listening to conversations that are not constantly sprinkled with profanity in every other sentence. Profanity is used so often that the shock value of it is lost.

The command of the English language is very important skill that should be emphasized more in the school system. My father who had to leave school in the eighth grade to help out the family financially never stopped learning. I may have mentioned in a previous editorial that he had three successful businesses which were: a car wash, gas station and a taxi service throughout the years. I remember him telling me that people would often ask him, “What college did you graduate from?” Because of his command of the English language because and he was always very articulate. He loved reading the Bible and daily newspapers and was always up on what was happening locally and around the world. Whenever he was in a room full of people he was never at a loss for words or how to get his point across. As a matter of fact I would say he was a great debater himself. I did not always agree with his point of view but trust me he made some very good arguments.

So to the Perth Amboy Debate Team, I say, “Kudos to you! And to those who support you (teachers, mentors, parents/guardians, family and friends) – My hat is off to you for a job well done!”



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