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COMMUNITY VOICE: I’m a Walker – Not a Runner

In the spring a young man’s fancy, and not so a young man’s fancy, turns to thoughts of what the girls have been thinking about all winter long. Especially the mild winter we have just had. The last good snowfall was back in October! Let us now enjoy the flowers, insects and the incessant rantings of the political candidates.

Every time you look around another candidate for public office pops up in this city by the bay! As a long time voter I am amused by their antics. They seem to be solid citizens and mean well. And our local brand of democracy is probably in its best purest form.

I’ll admit that in my younger days I was tempted to run for public office. However since I employed on overseas flights I could not do justice to the position when I was cavorting around to Rome, Frankfurt, London or wherever I found myself. I reluctantly declined to run. Besides I am walker not a runner. The only running I ever did was what I had to do. Like running away from truant officers, cops, bill collectors, wives and husbands.

Since I am quite interested in civic affairs I relished the role of a curmudgeon as bestowed upon me by the unofficial poet laureate Dioris Arlequin.

So, my dear fellow residents, eat, drink, and enjoy the political scene. My sympathies are with the large field of candidates. I feel they will cancel each other out challenging the fine record of our wondrous and ubiquitous (existing or being everywhere at the same time) Wilda. She is the key to this city by the bay leading us to greater heights of glory and prosperity. May she win in a landslide!


Thank you for your courtesies.


Very truly yours,

Peter Book/a.k.a. Pedro Libro

Happy Easter!


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