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South Amboy: Representative From Jersey Central Power and Lighting Speak at Meeting

Vince Mackeil speaks before the South Amboy Council.— photo by Joseph L. Kuchie

By Joseph L. Kuchie—

SOUTH AMBOY – After a high volume of questions about the lighting situation in South Amboy, the city council had a representative from Jersey Central Power and Lighting speak at last week’s meeting.

Gerald Ricciardi spoke during a special presentation at South Amboy City Hall that updated residents on the progress being made around town. He noted the hard work that was being done to fix the lighting problems and what other improvements were being made.

“As of today, I have zero repair orders for the streets of South Amboy,” Ricciardi said. “We have line crews that work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week that work to fix the street lights as soon as possible.”

Ricciardi made it clear that he is always open to answer questions that residents may have about the lights in South Amboy. He urged the council to give out his contact information so he could help in any way he could.

“I’m the guy you come to about any questions about Jersey Central. Whatever you need answered, I’ll take care of it,” he said. “I’ve left my business card with the council. They can get you my information and I will gladly speak to anyone with questions or concerns.”

Ricciardi also went over the future plans for lighting in the area, including new poles that will be installed in the next month or so. There will be four lights placed near the YMCA and a new 200-watt light placed near the firehouse.

Although not many residents made it to the meeting on Wednesday, those in attendance appreciated someone from the company coming down to speak. Vince Mackiel’s concerns about the street lights out in town were addressed and he was thankful for Ricciardi’s update.

“I’d just like to mention that there were representatives of the city, not just police, at recent meetings that were worried about this lighting problem,” Mackiel said. “I appreciate you doing whatever you can do improve the safety in the area.”

There have been a number of complaints from residents over the past few months on the street and traffic lights in the area being faulty, and it was addressed by Business Administrator Camille Tooker that over 57 lights were out or faulty in the area at the same time. Mayor Fred Henry stressed the need for improvement and wanted to show that the council was making progress on handling the situation.

“It is our intention to answer to the public any concerns they have and bring in the people who have the answers to those concerns,” Henry said. “We’ve had questions over the past few meetings, and we want to make sure people are getting the answers they deserve.”

To report a street light out in the area, residents can call 1-800-662-3115 or go to to report the problem. Ricciardi also said that he is available to come to future meetings to talk to residents about other issues.

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