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COMMUNITY VOICE: JB Vas Delivers Tax Relief

My husband and I read with delight Eric Cabrera’s April 11th response to Maria Garcia’s letter “Outrageous.” Like Mr. Cabrera, we were outraged and disgusted by Ms. Garcia’s attacks of Joseph “JB” Vas, a local attorney and son of former Mayor Joseph Vas. Mr. Cabrera hit the nail perfectly on the head when he stated that JB Vas has a right to free speech, a right to be judged on his merits, and a right to work where he was born, raised and resides.

Last year, Mr. Vas filed a tax appeal for my personal residence, and he delivered with tax savings!!! His work has already saved my husband and me more than $700 and we will save us over $2,100 over the course of the next three years. The tax relief Mr. Vas achieved for us could not have come at a more ideal time considering the tough economy, and with water and tax rates in Perth Amboy continuing to rise under the current administration.

Although I am a committeewoman in Perth Amboy, I was unaware of the tax appeal process until JB Vas informed me of it. Having an attorney guide us through the tax appeal process was a huge advantage to us since the entire process was new to us. I also may not have been able to take time off of work to focus on such proceedings.

We are very happy with our decision to hire Mr. Vas as he provided my husband and me with professional legal services. He made us feel comfortable with the process and delivered with real results. – TAX SAVINGS!! Besides tax relief, JB Vas was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his legal services. He is young, smart, and passionate about his chosen profession. We should be encouraging young professionals, like Mr. Vas, to return and stay in Perth Amboy – not fueling their departure.

Ms. Garcia’s suggestion that Mr. Vas has no right to work here simply because of the name he bears is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Vas soliciting legal services or informing residents about the opportunity to file a tax appeal. Ms. Garcia, instead of projecting your personal anger with Mayor Joseph Vas onto his son, maybe you should focus your time and energy on accomplishing something on the Planning Board. Let’s start by maintaining a quorum.

Linda Ferreira
Committee woman,
Perth Amboy Ward 6 District 4

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