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COMMUNITY VOICE: Still Outrageous

I am not at all surprised that Mr. Cabrera will answer for Joe Vas Jr. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Let me repeat again what my letter was about.

The letter that Mr. Vas Jr. sent had many things that were not at all needed and he embellished it with them. This is the reason that I objected.

It is true that we all received tons of letters from Attorney’s seeking to be hired to appeal our taxes yet, I don’t recall any other letter ‘s from any Attorney telling us how the city gave a tax break to a Corporation and how is so unfair that the rest of us didn’t get it.

As an Attorney you know very well that this was not necessary and it was misleading. You must know that just like the home owners of this city have the right to appeal their taxes the corporations or businesses have the same rights. Don’t you think that an Attorney should be more honest?

Maybe, I am asking for too much but, I am the type of person that prefers facts and the truth…

I am shocked that as lawyers you weren’t aware that just because the County or State wants a reevaluation every 10 years doesn’t mean that all the towns in NJ will followed the recommendations.

For Example, in Union County, no town has asked for a reassessment or revaluation since the late 1990s,…This brings me to ask, why if Joe Vas though that the reevaluation was needed he waited till the Market was at its peak? Why if he was so concerned for the citizens of this city knowing thatmost of them are not rich he didn’t hold it back?

Your explanation about contingency fees was not needed, I am quite sure that we all know what it means. I’ll maintain what I’ve said in my letter. This contingency business is to create the illusion that the services will be for free when we all know that at the end your clients will have to pay, as, I’ve explained ANYBODY can appeal their taxes today due to the crash of the real estate market and the cost is only $25 dollars for the application and the time spent to go to New Brunswick. I’ll also, stick to my point that if you and Mr. Joe Vas Jr. want to help the people of Perth Amboy you can offer your services pro bono, I am sure that many would appreciate your charity and good will and I will be the first one to commend you for your good deeds.

The First Amendment of the” Bill of Rights “

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It is ironic that you would accuse me of wanting to take away Joe Vas Jr. rights just because I chose to write a letter to express my opinion. You may not agree with it but, it doesn’t make me wrong either. If, I was you I will be very careful on making such accusations about people like me while in the process of defending the son of a man who took these rights away from people like me.

Do I have a personal animosity against Joe Vas Jr.?

Maybe the person that you need to ask about animosity is Joe Vas Jr.

If , you are open minded and care for the truth I am willing to meet with you and tell you the stories of all that my family, friends and self suffered for years because of the animosity that his father harbored for us..I would say that I’ve never hurt people just because they disagree with my political views and have never threaten their families, jobs or tried to bankrupt them. The facts is that I never had any personal hatred for Joe Vas. As a matter of fact I danced with him for a charity event and he is a good dancer. I opposed Joe Vas’ policies and his tendency to hurt those that disagree with him.

I wish you and Joe Vas Jr. the best and hope that soon I will see both of you volunteering for our wonderful city and the citizens.

Maria Garcia
Perth Amboy

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