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COMMUNITY VOICE: Menendez And Pallone Right Choice For Middlesex County

As Election Day approaches, it’s understandable that much of our attention is focused on local municipal and school elections. After all, we see and feel the impact of local policies every day and naturally want to support our neighbors who step forward to serve the community. We must not forget, however, that this November we also have the opportunity to cast ballots for two men who have supported our city and our state. Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone have fought hard for New Jersey and deserve our active support.

There has been no greater champion for New Jersey’s middle class than Senator Bob Menendez. Through his legislative tenure, he has worked hard to deliver tax relief. His efforts helped bring an $800 tax credit to middle class families through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and his property tax relief bill made it possible for taxpayers to take an additional property tax deduction on their federal income taxes.

Despite an undeniable decline in the job market, Senator Menendez has helped support the manufacturing industry and has helped create hundreds of jobs at companies like Individualized Shirts in Perth Amboy. He’s also brought money back to this area to benefit organizations like Jewish Renaissance, which is helping citizens of Perth Amboy increase their marketability by getting their GED’s, as well as, increasing access to health care in urban areas.

At a time when citizens are losing jobs and their homes in record numbers, Senator Menendez supported a bill which helped fund Homeless Assistance Programs to help New Jerseyans transition into a new job or a new home. These funds have directly benefitted organizations like the Perth Amboy Salvation Army and the Puerto Rican Association for Human Development (PRAHD).

Recent legislative redistricting has led to an exciting change for citizens of Middlesex County and Perth Amboy. Congressman Frank Pallone will now represent Perth Amboy in Washington, D.C.  Congressman Pallone has a proven record of smart policy leadership and of fighting for the middle class. His experience in the U.S. House of Representatives will be a huge asset to our community. Despite the short amount of time since Perth Amboy has joined his constituency, he has embraced its citizens and endeavored to learn about our needs and concerns.

He has visited on several occasions – not just stumping for office – but instead genuinely listening and discussing ideas with residents.

Let’s not allow ourselves to become drawn in, or rather, consumed by the chatter and posturing of local candidates and their respective propaganda. As we move toward November, it is imperative that we support and re-elect those who fight for Middlesex County and the working middle class. To that end, Senator Bob Menendez, Congressman Frank Pallone, and democrats down the line have earned our support.

Joseph “JB” Vas, Esq.,
MBA Vas Law, LLC

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