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COMMUNITY VOICE: Change 2008 – Forward 2012

Slogans in politics usually are talking points candidates use to rally their people. Rarely do those words and phrases come to fruition. The subject slogans have had a large impact on America.


America was the greatest nation on earth in every category when Obama took office. Changes since Obama took office: Our economy is worse than when Obama took office. Unemployment reached higher points after Obama took office. Our allies have seen their economies get worse since Obama took office. Obama declared that America is not a Christian nation after taking office. Obama would not place his hand over his heart to salute our flag as it passed in review. Obama froze Social Security benefits for seniors. Obama allowed taxpayer supported benefits for illegal aliens. Obama policies have had a negative effect on the morale our military. NOW same sex marriage. The bible clearly states, “Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.” Obama thinks he is God. No man has the right to undermine God’s word. Obama was born in Hawaii and raised Indonesia. There is a case pending in the U.S. Supreme Court to establish his citizenship rights. Obama has told many false stories about his family and their past. He lied when he said his father was in the military in World War Two. His claims about his past are exaggerated.


The 2012 Obama slogan. Forward to what? More of the same? More losses in our economy, more unemployment, more slander of the greatest Christian Judaic Nation on earth? More abuse of Senior citizens? More abuse of power with Czars? More disregard for the civility which has always been America’s treatment of our allies? More family trips at the cost of millions?

America cannot stand and more of the devastation brought about by Obama’s Change. The only thing we have to look forward to is more of the same abuse of power and slander of American traditions and icons. Move on America. Elect someone else who is reared in our traditions.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert A. Brown


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