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June 8 — Crystal Skull Lecture

PERTH AMBOY – Jane Doherty will discuss the power of the ancient crystal skulls. The Proprietary House Association/Museum will hold this program on June 8, 2012 at 7:30 pm. The cost is $20.00 per person. For reservations please call 732 826-5527.

The Crystal Skulls information and strange powers have captured the intrigue of many. The Skulls, often thought of as ancient computers- were used by the Maya as Oracles. Many powers appear to surround them. Unusual phenomena such as healings, psychic ability, photographs of images not seen by the naked eye-especially UFO images have happened. Also, there have been clouds of energy emanating from them, along with pulsating vibrations which have also occurred from Jane Doherty’s small crystal skull artifact “purportedly” found in Mayan ruins.

The program will include a photo with a UFO image. Jane will include examples of healings and send such energy to the attendees in a group exercise. She will answer any questions you might have.

Jane’s has been on CNN, The Today Show, My Ghost Story, N.Y. Times and Women’s World Weekly. Her Ghost tours at the House will be held around Halloween.

Her website is

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