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Board Appointments Questioned

PERTH AMBOY — Resident Alan Silber was one of several people questioning some of the appointments of various Board Members. He questioned a resolution to appoint the Mayor to the Redevelopment Agency for a term to expire on June 30, 2017. “Wouldn’t it be embarrassing and uncomfortable to have a former Mayor on the Board? Shouldn’t we wait until after the elections to do appointments? Can’t we just fill seats for six months temporarily?

Attorney Mark Blunda said it depends on the Boards. Some are covered by state statute. If a seat becomes vacant before that person’s term ends, you can have someone fill that seat until the term expires. We can look at each Board individually and see if the Council can change the stature of the terms of the Board.

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez said, “The Zoning Board excludes you from being on other Boards.” Speaking to Blunda, he said, “He should advise the Mayor so she can make appointments appropriately.”

Businessman David Caba said, “I don’t have time to be on 3 Boards. I am looking at the list on the agenda and there are some people on 3 Boards. The City Council extended their terms for six months. The form of government needs to be changed. We need young people serving on Boards.”

“Silber is correct,” stated Reinaldo Avelis. “Re-appointing people in February is a good idea. Is it necessary to be appointed to more than one Board? Were people contacted who were on waiting lists for Board vacancies. And were these Board vacancies advertised.”

City Clerk Elaine Jasko stated that the people that were on waiting lists were notified when there were vacancies for positions that they applied for. “These openings were advertised on the City Website for 30 days. No one responded.”

Council President Ken Balut requested that Attorney Mark Blunda take a look at the state statute for Board Appointees. “We should have more people come in. Some people have been on these Boards for 10 years and have done nothing.

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