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Perth Amboy: Tropical Cheese Being Wooed by Other States to Relocate Caucus 8/6/12

Tropical Cheese on Fayette Street, Perth Amboy. *Photo Courtesy of Free Photos on the Internet

PERTH AMBOY — Tropical Cheese origins are in Perth Amboy. It was founded by Rafael Mendez and has been located in Perth Amboy since the early 1980’s. Tropical Cheese has been approached by New York and Pennsylvania to relocate their headquarters there.

Business Administrator Greg Fehrenbach presented the Council with a list of requests by Tropical Cheese made for them in order for them to stay in Perth Amboy. Fehrenbach stated “Tropical Cheese employs 250 employees; the vast majority are Perth Amboy residents.”

B.A. Greg Fehrenbach

The most important request was for a five year tax abatement plan.

Tropical Cheese plans to expand their operation in the near future. City Attorney Mark Blunda stated, “The City’s plan which would be with the Council’s approval by ordinance would allow for a stabilization of sewer and water cost for Tropical Cheese. This would be for up to ten years or perhaps a $20,000 grant for treatment or monitoring to reduce water and sewer rates.”

The State of New Jersey, City of Perth Amboy and the Secretary of the State and Economic Development met to review these requests.

In about three to four years Tropical Cheese will create about twenty-five new positions at their plant in Perth Amboy. Tropical Cheese is looking for a ten year stabilization with a five year abatement plan.

The Business Action Center from the State of New Jersey will meet with Tropical Cheese to convince them to stay in the City of Perth Amboy.

The Councilmen were in favor of keeping Tropical Cheese in the City of Perth Amboy.

Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez stated, “The plans that Tropical Cheese has in store will be a great Capital Improvement to the City.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez questioned what would happen with other companies asking for similar benefits. Although he did agree that having Tropical Cheese stay in Perth Amboy would benefit the City.

City Attorney Mark Blunda said, “All companies will be based on their individual needs.”

Councilman Joel Pabon said, “Other companies have relocated into Perth Amboy with the promise to employ Perth Amboy people but are hesitant to give out actual numbers of Perth Amboy employees. With Tropical Cheese a majority of their employees are from Perth Amboy.”

“Tropical Cheese investing five million dollars in the City of Perth Amboy is a good thing,” stated Council President Kenneth Balut.

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