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EDITORIAL: Just Do It! A Gold Mine

I want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I will have people call me to ask what is the deadline to submit a letter to the editor. Often the person will write in reference to stories that are in the local or national news. Sometimes the letter writer will respond to a letter written by someone in a previous issue. Remember the back and forth between Maria Garcia and Eralidas Cabrera in regards to an individual who sent letters about tax reassessment to homeowners.

The individual in question where Garcia and Cabrera had a disagreement was being judged not on their own merits but what the individual’s relative had done. No individual should be judged by sins of his/her relatives.

Getting back on track, there are always letter writers who just send their letters. It is not usual for the Amboy Guardian to receive 2 or 3 letters in one week from some of these individuals.

Letters are sent by email, text or snail mail. The letters that bother us the most are the ones that we do not receive.

I am not going to name names but there are people that have told me over a year ago that they are definitely going to write a letter to the editor about a situation that they are passionate about. I am still waiting for that letter.

In the past there have been letters that have been in the paper that are controversial and I would say to my staff, “I bet we will get somebody writing a response to this one!” And yes I did get someone calling me that was very offended by a letter that was written recently.

This individual said that they had already started the letter in response to the letter writer who they felt had written a very offensive point of view. You can tell that this individual was very passionate about the issue.

I know sometimes you can get so upset about something that you read and it feels good to put down your thoughts on paper.

Sometimes after reading what you put down, you may feel a sense of relief and change your mind about making your views public. That, too is okay and we understand.

But just remember, when you tell us that you are submitting a letter we save a spot in the Local Perspective for you. If you don’t follow through we have to fill a hole.

So instead of calling and saying I am going to write a letter and us waiting for it. Don’t call – Just do it!

As far as The Gold Mine headline – if the City of Perth Amboy wants to make a mint of money have an unmarked police car stationed at the 5 Corners. I happened to be sitting by the fountain at the intersection of New Brunswick, State and Smith Street earlier last week. You could not believe the amount of vehicles making illegal turns at that intersection.

Even with cars blowing their horns to let people know they are doing something illegal, the drivers making illegal turns just ignore the warnings. I, myself have crossed at that intersection when cars are turning illegally and I become a civilian police officer with hand signals to point them to the direction where they should be going.

Sometimes the drivers look at me like I have two heads. Even when I call out to them that they are making an illegal turn and if an officer caught them it would be a nice fine. So think about having an unmarked car at this intersection. The fun part is when you have vehicles following each other and they are all making an illegal turn. Imagine a killing Perth Amboy will make on that situation.


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