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South Pier Work: We Are Cost Effective

PERTH AMBOY — Mr. Mainberger of Hatch Mott McDonald Engineers came before the Council at the 8/8/12 meeting to address some of the concerns of Michael George of the Perth Amboy Port Authority.

George complained about the spikes that Mainberger’s company was using.

See story, “Perth Amboy — Pier Pressure” story from August 8, 2012 issue of the Amboy Guardian

“As far as the spikes that Mr. George was complaining about that were coming out of the timber – we saw no evidence of that. Bolts on reconstruction whalers are bolts that hold the timbers in place to give them even bearings. We are providing engineering and present design standards to be the most cost effective to the City. The Council receives credit for timber and hardware that was left after the demolition. We also replaced a significant number of stringers. Decking is done in a mass production manner. One stringer had a hidden hollow. Seven boards came up because of this but it was corrected by respiking and all uneven boards were replaced.”

Mainberger continued, “We retrieved historical pictures that showed original railings of the south pier and forwarded them to Mr. George. We also cut back on the south side of the pier overhang. PCB drainpipes will be installed.”

Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez wanted to know what is the difference between the bolt and a bolt with spikes. “What would be the additional cost?”

Mainberger replied, “It would be $65,500 for additional bolts at each connection – and this would not be cost effective to do this now with a change order.

Kenneth Gonzalez also questioned the life expectantly of the replacement of materials used for the pier.

“Deck boards will rot away first in about twenty years,”

according to Mainberger. “Our spikes will allow you to use many types of fasteners. We salvaged some of the old railings to reuse and the rest were given to the Port Authority for reuse or recycling. Some of the lights were given to Mr. Dann to recycle or demolish. Photos were taken while the work was being done along with all documentations. We are in constant contact with the contractor as work was being done.”

Mainberger continued, “We provided Inspection documentation by other contractors working on the pier without any additional cost to the City. I did this myself.” Mainberger stated.

“We also had one dedicated professional employee dedicated to this project.”

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