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EDITORIAL: Changing Partners: a.k.a. Changing Political Parties


By Stephen Stills

All of the ladies attending the ball
Are requested to gaze in the faces

Found on YOUR dance cards
Please then remember
And don’t get to close

To one special one
He will take your defenses and run.

So we change partners
Time to change partners

You must change partners

Part of the lyrics of “Change Partners” by Stephen Sills, one of my favorite songs. In the first line “All of the ladies attending the ball” you can substitute the word “participants” for ladies. Where it says “He” change it to “They.” Wherever it says partners substitute the word “parties” instead.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and so on: there are politicians who started with a mainstream political party and then switched sides just to win an election. On the national scene, former Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania was a Republican who switched to being a Democrat. Yes, there are politicians who stay true blue to their party until their career is over. Contrary to what you may believe, it is not against the law to change your party affiliation.

There are good and bad in all parties. I remember when people used to talk about the days when the Dems and Republicans would go after each other in public and then afterwards go and have a drink or dinner together. It was show time in the public arena.

I think the job of all parties at this juncture of the game is to find out how to stimulate the economy for job growth. Color, gender or political affiliation doesn’t matter to me. As a matter of fact I vote for an individual – not for any particular party line. If I have to split a ticket, I do so. If I just vote for one person, I do so. I haven’t done this yet, but if I feel there is a qualified person for a position who is not on the ballot, I will write their name in.

I remember in 2008 my father said that whoever gets elected President it will be a first. Obama as the first African-American, Black President, McCain as the oldest elected Presidential candidate at age 72 and if Hillary Clinton was successful, she would have been the first woman President.

My father said, “I will pick the one who comes closest to what I believe is best for the Country regardless of any of the above “firsts”.

My suggestion to all voters is to look at the views of the candidates running for office and use that criteria to decide who you think is the best candidate. Note I said “candidate” not “political party,” for local and national issues.

When you go behind closed curtains – no knows who you vote for. I bet Republicans vote for Democrats and vice-versa.

I welcome anyone’s comments. This paper exists not only for us to express our views. It is important that you express yours. You can text, email or snail mail.

Thank you in advance.



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