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“Happy Birthday” The Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce

After hearing the motivational presentation by Milton Paris at BID/UEZ Seminar sponsored by the Barge Restaurant last Tuesday, I felt compelled to express my feelings about the “now” inactive Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce. In his talk, he repeated “how important your Chamber of Commerce is to the business community.”

Back in August 1957, a group of merchants, bankers, and professional men met to form a new organization “to promote and improve Perth Amboy’s trade and commerce activity.” Up until that time, individual organizations such as the Perth Amboy Retail Merchants Association and the Industrial Association operated separately.

Matthew F. Melko, an attorney and former Middlesex County prosecutor was elected President of the then-unnamed organization. The late Robert Wilentz who served as Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, served as President in 1958 and 1959.

The Chamber continued to grow at a steady pace with leading business and professional people at the helm, who worked together tirelessly to advance the City’s economic and community development. The chamber offered business support and networking opportunities and special events. They annually recognized Business Leaders for their contribution to the community. In 2003, they purchased a building for their headquarters, and created a Web Site which was one of the finest in the County.

This year the Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce is 55 years old and sadly is no longer active. To all of those men and women who kept it thriving for so long, I salute you.

It was my pleasure to be an integral part of it.


Barbara Booz,
Maid of Perth Antiques
Past President PACC 2001 and 2002

One Response to ““Happy Birthday” The Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Geri Luongo says:

    Sad, yet interesting post by Barbara Booz. The Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce was robust and ran smoothly when Mrs. Booz was the President. When Steve Jobin was nominated as President they eventually stopped paying bills. Mr. Jobin is the acting President of the Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Jobin is the President and CEO of the Raritan Bay YMCA where his voice message states they foster honesty integrity and personal responsibility. Mr Jobin should set an example by paying the bills owed by the Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce, yet he has not paid what he owes to my company and does not return my phone calls.
    It is sad and shameful that a few dismantled years of others hard work and reputation.


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