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COMMUNITY VOICE: Old Hand and Experience

We are the old timers. Young people say that we cling to traditional or conservative ideas. Some of the old timers may never have graduated from High School but they took three important subjects in elementary school. The three R’s were reading, writing, and arithmetic. We need the newspaper and books and I’m not talking about comic books.

I call myself an older person but I have been given a new title. I am now a Senior Citizen.

Let me tell you a little bit about our organization. We have been around for a long time and we have a large membership. Our club is not a bunch of rookies. We have a good farm system and our numbers are increasing year by year.

We may eat slower and drive slower but we are not driving and walking while talking on a cell phone or heads down on some kind of smart phone. Look around, they are everywhere. They drive while using these gadgets, walk and talk or heads down. They think nothing about crossing streets while using them and they will cross right in front of moving cars. Life is not like some program on T.V. This is the land of make believe. Real life doesn’t work like that.

Evening News begins with, “Good Evening,” and then proceeds to tell about these people getting killed or killing someone else. Are these young adults in our Senior Farm system? No! I’m sorry to say but they are still in the little leagues.

I have an idea that would save a million people’s lives in the United States. Cell phones, computers, smart phones are to be kept in your house but you can carry your cell phone and use only in case of emergency. I should get 100% O.K. from the old timers but the young people will say, “This guy is living in the past.” My answer is, “You still don’t understand and what danger or even death is, because you are still playing Little League Ball.”

I hope and pray that many people can read this article and if you can, don’t forget to thank a Teacher. Also be grateful to Mom and Dad for having books and newspapers in your house.

I have always said, “A house is not a home without a newspaper in it.”

Thomas Francis Clark

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