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Quiet Night at South Amboy Council Meeting

By Joseph L. Kuchie—

SOUTH AMBOY — With only three people in attendance at South Amboy city hall last week, the South Amboy council held a relatively short and quiet meeting.

Resident Steven Davidoff did address a recent ticket he received in front of the Broadway Diner near Broadway and Augusta Street. He received a $37 fine for parking within 50 feet of a stop sign while stopping for lunch.

“I’m a law-abiding citizen. I don’t get tickets or speed or anything like that. If it was free and clear [of signage], there was no reason for the officer to give me a $37 ticket,” Davidoff said. “If it is not a legal spot, put a sign or something. To be having lunch at the diner and get a ticket is not the proper thing to do.”

Davidoff left a letter in the mailboxes of each councilperson during the week, and brought the ticket with him as he addressed them on Wednesday. President Joseph Connors acknowledged his letter and explained that it was discussed at last Monday’s business meeting.

“We did receive your letter and it was in fact discussed at our latest business meeting,” Connors said. “We are planning to amend the parking ordinance so instead of it being 50 feet we can lessen the footage. We will also consider painting the curb yellow so people know not to park there.”

The council also passed a new parking ordinance that will affect 213 South Stevens Avenue. Entitled #11-2012, the ordinance will add handicapped parking “beginning 160 feet north from the curb line of the intersection of Bordentown Avenue and South Stevens Avenue and end 22 feet southerly thereof”.

The next council meeting will be held Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 PM.

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