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COMMUNITY VOICE: A Few Notes on the Upcoming Municipal Election

I have noticed a few candidates indicating they will hold the Board of Education and teachers accountable for Educational policies. Not so. The BOE and the Municipal Government are separate entities. The only link between the two is the collection of the school portion of taxes, which is turned over to the BOE.

A candidate has expressed a plan for the train station. Not so. First of all, the train station is recognized as a Historical Site. Cannot be modernized to any great degree.

It is also owned by the railroad – that is the determining factor of what happens there.

Mention was also made regarding the Celotex site. The property is owned by a concern in California. They know the Historical significance of this site as far as it being the site of the Eagleswood Colony. At last word this concern has no plans for this site.

Many growing statements were made concerning the Buckeye Pipeline project.

These were all positive statements, but one has to realize that it was thru the efforts of Mayor Diaz and her administration that this vital industry is locating in Perth Amboy.

The reader should realize that there are many people saying many things, but signifying nothing. Some candidates are already offering jobs to their cronies.

Those days are over.

Now a few thoughts about the person who must continue her work.

Four years ago Wilda Diaz won an election and took the reins of a city that was in financial ruin. Perth Amboy was the laughing stock of the State. No one would lend us any money, because of the general contention that someone would steal it. S&P lowered us to a rate of nonexistence. The City was in debt to the tune of 250 Million Dollars. Our reputation was disgraceful to say the least.

The Mayor realized the revitalization of the City was not the job of one person.

Thru her efforts she assembled people that could help her in her sole agena of bringing the City back. To mention a few must include Greg Fehrenbach who has save the City Millions of dollars. Mark Blunda who can be counted on to give sound legal advice. City employees such as Gary Muska and the only person I know of that so no to Vas, Jill Goldy. There are many other on this fine team, and I can tell you, they are working for the betterment of the City.

I can truly say, I can think of no reason not to return the Mayor to office along with her running mates. The City of Perth Amboy needs Mayor Diaz. Do yourself and the City a big favor on Nov. 6. Put the team in City Hall.

Russell J. O’Reilly
Perth Amboy

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