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Hubberman Sees Perth Amboy As The Next East Coast Silicon Valley:

Sharon Hubberman at the Waterfront

A Thriving Center For Innovation In The New Economy

PERTH AMBOY — On Saturday, October 6, Sharon D. Hubberman, candidate for Mayor, released a key growth strategy of her IMPACT Plan in a heartfelt declaration for the city of her birth and the people therein, at the Waterfront Park on Sadowsky Parkway. “The key to resolving the real estate tax and unemployment issues is bringing in new types of revenue to the City. One needs to be proactive, and not reactive or passive,” Hubberman said.

In addressing the city’s 16.8% unemployment rate, which is more than double the national average of 7.6% and the need to curtail further rise in real estate taxes, which rose an average of 10% each year in the first three years of the current mayor’s term, Hubberman is focused on ways to stimulate growth and helping her community thrive. “Increasing your real estate taxes during the worst recession is not a way to stimulate growth for a city. As your mayor it will be my duty to operate government efficiently, manage the finances prudently, utilize a common sense approach, and enable a pro-innovation environment for companies seeking to expand and develop roots in Perth Amboy,” Hubberman said.

An area of focus in Hubberman’s IMPACT plan, is creating an economic growth strategy for the city without burdening itsconstituents. “True leadership is about uniting the people and working with any person who has your best interest at heart. It is not about political agendas, or personal politics. It is about you.” Hubberman said. “I am uniquely qualified for the task of mayor due to my entrepreneurial, business, finance, negotiations, and management experience. I am one of you, and I’m going to do everything possible to get the job done prudently.”

Hubberman reinforced that growth does not come from developers, or transit plans but it comes from innovation. “What drives an economy are individuals like you who are full of ideas and innovation. I know that in Perth Amboy we have talented people…this is the future we need to focus on,” Hubberman said.

The city’s garbage problem is seen by Hubberman as a key potential revenue component. Her renewable energy initiative incorporates a practical approach to the city’s needs: “Transforming municipal waste and biological waste to Renewable

Energy is not only an initiative that can potentially clean up our environment, improve our water and sewer system, it is also another source of revenue for the city that when implemented correctly will bring progress,” Hubberman said. “Unlike, solar and wind energy, which does not produce a high output of energy and is not a new technology…This type of sustainable energy will make our City be more energy independent.”

According to Hubberman, Perth Amboy will be successful in the New Economy as technology and innovation companies come to the city: “I see Perth Amboy as an East Coast Silicon valley which I call Perth-Tech Valley…By having a growing economy,

we will have people working, and that will positively benefit our community and children,” Hubberman said.

Hubberman’s mother, Maria Elena, and local entrepreneur, and owner of PPS Tax Prep, also spoke in support of her daughter. She stated, “I know Sharon is the only candidate who will bring progress to this city. And she is the only candidate who has the experience and financial knowledge to lead our town and turn things around.”

Press Release 10/7/12

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