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COMMUNITY VOICE: Old Time Politics

As an old time follower of politics as a horse player that follows the nags I offer a few comments as follows:

I well remember the words of newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt who stated, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” This has been my guide ever since. He won our loyalty and affection by favoring the working stiffs! With Social Securtiy, WPA, CCC and other New Deal measures. He was re-elected 4 times. He led us to victory on 2 fronts in WWII. He is considered the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln!

After being elected on a platform of Hope and Change, Obama helped the corporations with an 800 billion stimulus. His record is abysmal which makes our situation at home and abroad worse! He is certainly no FDR!

The local scene is more chaotic than ever. A far cry from past Municipal School Board elections. Those may have been tough and hard hitting. But never sank to the low level of this campaign.

Billy Delgado and his stooges are to be chastised and condemned for the false charges they have made against Mayor Diaz. They are throwbacks to the Paleozoic Age and the kinder, kuchie, kirchie, (children, church & kitchen) of a bygone era. These charges and abuse ought to totally discredit them and send them to the oblivion where they belong! And the other candidates with them.

The other election of the Board of Education is nothing to brag about. Again I respectfully refer to my Mathematics teacher of blessed memory, Ferdinand Kertes, with his admonition delivered in a heavy Continental accent, “How do you expect to be leaders of your community with such sloppy thinking!” I have been guided by this principle ever since. When I was headed for an island dot on a the map I had no room for sloppy thinking. It had to be right the first time. OR ELSE! I can think of no worse sloppy thinking of the alleged leaders Lebreault, Puccio and Varela, the bully marine who threatened a fellow Board Member. These 3 blind mice deserve to be kicked out of office! PRONTO!

After the dust settles on this screwy election, we can look forward to La Gran Alcadesa Mayor Wilda Diaz together with a much better Board of Education leading this City by the Bay to PEACE, PROPERITY, GOOD WILL and HARMONY!

Thank you for your courtesies.

Very truly yours,

Peter Book/a.k.a. Pedro Libro

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