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On Nov. 6, 2012 you, the concerned voter will have to decide who will be the next Mayor or keep the same one in office for the City of Perth Amboy. This election will determine the fate of our community. Also I have noticed that some of the candidates were selling us a trip to fantasy land and attacking each other about this and that in the Amboy Guardian. The debates were about what voters wanted to hear and to make them happy. In fact, the only people that have to worry is the city employees and which ones will benefit from this election and the poor home owners will have to decide to stay or move out. I would like to know – who really controls the Mayor? Or is City Hall up for sale? Does corporate America control our municipal government. Now politics in city hall has an effect to the Police Dept. in some way. Ask the police chief and the Fire Dept. why they are left out of the picture if they don’t play ball in politics. Then there’s the concerned resident who asks questions to the administration at the council meeting about taxpayer dollars being spent. But then they are being pushed out door with no answer.

Now I come to the School Board Election. Who are these people running? For many years it has been a three ring flying circus. Where are the clowns I say. You know what makes me laugh at all those candidates that are running for Mayor? Really, what they should be doing is joining hands and try to build a city of hope, jobs and a future for everyone in town and stop acting like they’re in a dream world.

Let’s look at what happened in Camden, NJ – all because of sleepy head politicians who worry about themselves and corruption got in the way.

I know of one city that made it out west called Commerce City, Colorado. Where the Mayor, City Council Members, Business Owners and the Residents made it happen . They must have seen what happens in Camden, NJ and now they have 11 million dollar surplus in their budget. We can do it and it can be done, no matter who wins as Mayor, it’s really about the people who live here. So go out and vote. Remember it’s your town, your concern, your future.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

Perth Amboy

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