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Automated Trash Pickup Presentation by DPW Director Frank Dann and Sanitation Supervisor Hector Polidura

October 22 Caucus Meeting—

PERTH AMBOY – March 1, 2013 is the rollout date for the new automated trash vehicles to be in place. Three quarters of the City are slated to have the automated pickups in place.

Mailers will be sent to homes to inform residents of the new pickups.

DPW director Frank Dann said that he and Sanitation Supervisor Hector Polidura have traveled to other towns to hear the pros and cons of the automated trash pickups.

At the Caucus Meeting, there were actual containers present for the demonstration along with a slide show.

Polidura stated, “A lot of residents exceed the limits for allowable garbage. The new trucks will hold thirty-three yards of refuse compared to twenty-five yards of the old ones. We will get more money back for recyclables. Each container has a serial number that will be encoded in our computers to let us know who the containers belong to. Plus the containers have a ten year warranty. The containers must be placed on the street side of the curb. And there must be a three foot space to allow the claws of the truck to be able to pick up the garbage containers. The lids must be closed. The instructions how to use the containers will be in English and Spanish.”

There was concern by the Council Members and those in the audience when it was shown on the slide that the garbage containers must be placed at the curb on the street side. This would cause a parking problem since the houses are so close together.

Dann said, “The cans would be for residential areas because the business section would bring up a whole set of problems. These cans will be free to the residents. It is a costly program but the City can reduce staff.”

Business Administrator Greg Fehrenbach said, “The automatic system can reduce operating costs in the Department of Public Works in 2013 by reducing staff. It’s either increasing services or reducing property tax. The Mayor has no desire for layoffs and some vacancies have occurred where we have used seasonal workers.”

Dann also said, “On holidays we may have someone ride with the drivers to pick up bags that are thrown next to the automated receptacles.”

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