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EDITORIAL: Out of Tragedy the Best Comes from Community

This is the last issue of 2012. As you can see by the front page politics were pushed aside. This has been a very tough year for many. With Hurricane Sandy and unfortunately the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. There are still so many people suffering because of this hurricane.

The suffering in Connecticut which started on Friday, December 14 will be continued for a long time but out of the difficult situations of Hurricane Sandy and the tragic in Newtown came the compassion of so many near and far.

It is always heartbreaking when you lose someone so young, especially unexpectedly and violently.

This past Sunday I was listening to one of my favorite radio programs called “Religion on the Line.”

A woman called into the station and said how she dealt with her children asking her about what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. This woman related what her mother told her when she was young. “At one time there was a popular children’s program called, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Mr. Rogers said, “Whenever anything bad happens, look at the people who came to help.”

This brings me to the point of the First Responders. You have to remember that First Responders are also parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, daughters and sons. I cannot imagine what they go through when they have to arrive on a scene that is too imaginable to comprehend.

To have to tell someone that their loved one is gone must be one must be very heartbreaking.

How many times has that first responder have to be strong and compassionate at the same time.

We must always try to protect the young and vulnerable and the teachers and administrators who shielded the students during the attack were their guardian angels.

I know God has granted them eternal peace.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are two holidays that have been over-commercialized for too long. Stores have been opening up earlier and earlier each year.

Personally, I don’t understand waiting in long lines for a store to open up to get what is supposedly great bargains.

Some stores actually have lower prices several weeks before Black Friday and raise them up on the day before their sales.

I also don’t understand why people are so afraid to say, “Merry Christmas!” You have to remember that a lot of people who came from other countries fled because of religious persecution.

When I hear the term, “Happy Holidays!” To me, it’s too generic. Not only that, but in a lot of European Countries people use the term, “Going on a Holiday,” which meant they are going on vacation.

So to me, “Merry Christmas!” is what I say in December and then in the springtime, its “Happy Easter!” and ever month that has a specific traditional holiday, I will say the holiday by name, not by anything generic. I was brought up to say, “Merry Christmas!” and I will exercise my right to say it. So if you want to say, “Merry Christmas!” but felt it was not politically correct to do it, maybe your fears are unfounded. You may be pleasantly surprised and find out that you’ll get a “Merry Christmas!” greeting in return.

So Merry Christmas from the Amboy Guardian Staff.


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