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EDITORIAL: Remembering Two Fine Gentlemen

The end of 2012 brought heartache to many. The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and Superstorm Sandy were just two. On a personal note, two special gentlemen pased away just before Christmas Harry J. Russell, Jr. and Robert Bones Carter. The last time I saw Mr. Russell was at a viewing in Carteret of the late Perth Amboy Mayor George Otlowski.

Harry J. Russell, Jr.

As always, Mr. Russell was flashing his famous brilliant smile that could light up a room. We could have used that smile when were all in the dark during Superstorm Sandy.

My recollection of Mr. Russell had to do with my relatives who belonged to the NAACP. My late father, Rockwell Maxwell and his late sister Hager Maxwell Roberts would attend the NAACP dinners. My father loved taking pictures at those events and sometimes Mr. Russell would be in those photos.

Looking at Mr. Russell’s obituary, he was justifiably honored several times for his social services work but the most important achievement he had was as a family man. When I attended the memorial service, there was a video being shown depicting his career and his life.

I loved the photos depicting him surrounded by his children and grandchildren. But I have to admit the photo that I loved the most was when he was dipping his wife as they were dancing at what appeared to be their anniversary party. He and his wife were together for 58 years. You can tell by the photos that they were in love for those whole 58 years. Rest In Peace.

Robert (Bones) Carter was a retired Perth Amboy Detective. Although I knew him for a long time, His career as a police officer is not what stood out in my memory.

There was a recent picture in our paper showing Bobby Carter along with one of our photographers, Bob Ned when they ran track in High School. This picture was displayed during Bobby Carter’s viewing recently.

The reason I have Bones underneath his picture is this is what he called me whenever he saw me. That was some 50 lbs ago. Even though I added that extra weight and I told Bobby he could no longer call me Bones, he would still continue to do so.

Robert Carter “Bones”

Bobby loved going to the Penn Relays Track & Field Event in Pennsylvania. He would often supply tickets to my sister and her sons. As I was talking to my sister, she told me that Bobby ran track when he was a student at Setan Hall University and he also participated in the Penn Relays. The Penn Relays attracted runners worldwide.

Bobby also would be part of a group of retired police officers and friends who would hold a scholarship fundraiser twice a year at the Armory in memory of Police Officer Walter (Gibby) Gibson. That was a great event where they took over the entire restaurant except for the main dining room on the first floor.

I remember being on a bus ride to Baltimore Inner Harbor for a Crabfest and going down all you could hear was the laughter of Bobby all the way down.

He also loved the pig roast at Hy Tavern in Perth Amboy. Bobby loved his big family, which also included all the lives that he touched. Rest in Peace, Bones. C.M.

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