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South Amboy Holds Reorganization Meeting

Council President Joseph Connors

By Joseph L. Kuchie—

SOUTH AMBOY — The South Amboy city council swore in three members during their reorganization meeting on January 2nd.

Donald Applegate, Christine Noble, and Zusette Dato all gained seats on the city council in November’s election. Applegate and Noble are returning for their respective wards while Dato begins her first term in South Amboy.

Dato replaces councilman William Schwarick, a three year representative of the 3rd Ward who stepped down at the end of 2012. Dato had kind words for Schwarick during her opening comments and was very excited to get to work.

“I want to thank councilman Bill Schwarick who could not be here tonight. He was very smart, reliable, and a hard working guy who has been a great service to this city. He’s going to be a tough act to follow,” Dato said. “I feel honored to represent all the residents of South Amboy. It’s a privilege and I’ll take it very seriously and work very hard at this. You won’t be disappointed. “

Afterward, Councilman Mickey Gross motioned to name Noble council vice president and Joseph Connors council president. Councilwoman Dato and councilman Applegate seconded his motions.

Mayor Henry also honored some of the city’s department heads for their work during and after Hurricane Sandy. Police Chief Darren Levine, Fire Chief Jamie Norek, First Aid Captain Christine Walczak, Office of Emergency Services Coordinator Rich Johnson, and Superintendent of Public Works Jerry Magee all received proclamations from the Mayor for keeping South Amboy safe during one of the worst storms in the city’s history.

“I think everyone realizes the things we went through,” Henry said. “People in charge did their job. It was a cooperative effort and everyone knew the job they had to do. People sometimes don’t get recognized for what they do. We have so much to be thankful for in South Amboy.”

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