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EDITORIAL: The Comeback

Superstorm Sandy packed a wallop along the Northeast coastal area. Looking at the devastation of some of the homes and businesses made many wonder if these businesses could ever come back. We are very happy to report that The Barge Restaurant, Front Street, Perth Amboy is the first Comeback Kid in that area.

As co-owner Alex Vosinas said that it was his friends who gave him the courage to go on. The operative word in that sentence is “friends.”

My late father used to say that most people you know are good acquaintances but true friends are the ones that will be there not only in words but in deeds.

Alex had friends whose words were true when they said to him, “Whatever you need done – don’t worry about it.”

Barry Rosengarten said at the check presentation this past Friday, January 18, 2013 that he saw those friends in action the next day after the storm.

Their main focus was to get the Barge up and running as quickly as possible. I think another reason that those friends were so willing to help Alex is that he was also not just an owner of an establishment but also a true friend to them as well.

As I stated before in another editorial, when you went to the Barge, it was like going to visit family. It was a gathering place to discuss politics (locally and nationally) and what was going on in sports and other topics of interest

Although I don’t drink, my favorite table was in the bar. There was a table by the bay window where I would put my belongings on the ledge while watching television and eating. There would always be someone seated at the bar that I knew. More often than not, I would also see them engaged in conversation with Alex.

Alex was also very hands-on and would take my order personally if a server was busy.

I am looking forward to going to the Women’s Club Meetings held in the upstairs dining room every other month. I’m sure that all the members are happy about that, too. It will also be nice to see the staff back where they belong.

During the renovations I would run into some of the staff around town. They looked very lost. This was especially difficult for the ones who have worked at the Barge for many years.

Wednesday is the big day for the Barge to be open to the public. I expect the weekend at the Barge to be hopping as people learn about the reopening.

I know that the old gang will be back and will pick up where they left off.

After the Perth Amboy City Council Meetings some of the Council Members and residents would go to the Barge to socialize. When the Barge closed down you would hear the Council Members and residents try to decide, “Where should we go?”

I’m sure they’re relieved now that the Barge is reopened.

I look forward to going back to the Barge for lunch and have my favorite salmon early-bird dish. Even when I go to that monthly luncheon, I still look at the menu and say to myself, “Maybe I’ll switch off and have something different this time.” But nine times out of ten I get the salmon.

As part of their renovation they did get rid of the bay window in the bar and I will truly miss it and so will my belongings that I used to set on the bay window ledge.

But the renovations were more cost effective and I can understand that.

The most important part of the Barge did not change and that is the ownership, the staff, the camaraderie and the heart and soul. As long as these elements are intact, not even a superstorm can take this away.


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