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EDITORIAL: A Big City Mayor With a Heart to Match

A Lesson For All — 

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch was not shy about expressing exactly what was on his mind. That is the one thing that people either loved or hated about him but respected him for it.

For myself, I loved the way that Ed Koch who was a stout Democrat or sometimes as he would say, “A liberal with common sense,” did not give two cents when it came to endorsing political candidates.

He didn’t care what others thought when he crossed party lines to endorse a Republican. On many occasions Republicans crossed political lines to endorse Koch.

Koch’s thought process was who he thought would be best for the people. That is exactly how I vote. That’s why I haven’t voted in primaries in the last couple of years. Because I have voted for individuals in both political parties.

When Koch came into office, he cleaned up a big financial mess and the dark image that New York had where residents and large corporations were moving out in large numbers.

He served three terms and some people said that it was the third term where he lost some of his magic. That third term was riddled with corruption but Koch himself was not corrupt, only some of his appointed officials.

Koch was very close to the late Cardinal John O’Connor. During Koch’s third term he was so depressed about the corruption in his administration that he thought about taking his own life.

Cardinal John O’Connor told Mayor Koch that, “The city needs you.” After hearing O’Connor’s words, the thoughts of suicide never crossed his mind again.

Even after he left the Mayor’s office, Koch never slowed down. He went to his law office everyday and he always said to himself that he wanted to make every day that he woke up relevant.

He was an author and had a top rated radio show. Koch always seemed invincible, even after being hospitalized several times, there was something about his last hospitalization that was different.

He had just been released from the hospital but had to go back in a few days later and was immediately put into intensive care.

Koch who was also Jewish made up his mind that he wanted to be buried in a nondenominational cemetery in Manhattan. He wanted to make sure it would be easy for people to come and visit him after his death.

Ed Koch was very unique and I don’t think they’ll ever be anyone who will come along to match him.

So to all of you politicians out there who are so dedicated to their party, remember it is not so much your party that you should be dedicated to but to your constituents.

Rest in Peace, Ed Koch. You deserve it.


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