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COMMUNITY VOICE: Arms and the People

A letter on 1-23-13 expressed the opinion that only the police and military should carry a gun. This writer failed to provide any examples taken from his personal experience where this would prevent mass murders. Wasn’t there a recent case where a soldier killed other soldiers? The history of the 20thcentury had plenty of examples where armed soldiers and a disarmed people resulted in mass murders. The only thing worse than doing nothing is to do the wrong thing.

Why has there been an escalation in the rate of violent death (suicides and murders) since the 1970s? “It’s the economy, stupid” is one explanation. Economic hard times (as in the 1890s or the 1920s-1930s) provide examples. Some people claim that mass murders are caused by “mental illness” (a vague phrase). Does poverty cause “mental illness”? Note how some recent mass murders were caused by those who were not working. Some of the murderers were on drugs (like Prozac) or recently used them. Did experimenting on children by giving them drugs (like Ritalin) have any unforeseen consequences? Does watching too much TV create health problems?

Readers of true crime books and related literature know that murders are caused by love or money. This has been true since Cain slew Abel with his unregistered assault weapon.

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Perth Amboy

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