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State Street Pumping Station — Deadline Looming

PERTH AMBOY — There was a late starter added to the agenda of the January 23rd Council Meeting. B.A. Greg Fehrenbach received a communication from Luis Perez Jimenez. Jimenez was a former City Employee of Water/Wastewater Division. The City entered into a Public/Private Partnership with Middlesex Water Co. Jimenez became Director of Operations for the Utility Service Affiliates Perth Amboy (USA-PA), a subsidiary of Middlesex Water Co.

Jimenez reports to the B.A. and Middlesex Water Co. He is working on a design to see what changes need to be made to the pumping station. This is under the 2012 Water/Wastewater EPA report under the CAP Program. Jimenez said that this was urgent because there is a March Deadline to submit this report in order for the City to be eligible to get grants to pay for part of this work. Jimenez’ report will be free to the City.

The City will borrow from the Environmental Infrastructure Trust Fund (EIT). 50% will be no interest. 20% can be turned into grants if the City meets guidelines set by the Trust. For more information on guidelines or to see what funding is available to municipalities go to the NJEIT website:

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