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COMMUNITY VOICE: America: A Socialist Country

Most Americans are very fortunate to have been born and lived in a democracy. But, unfortunately is always temporary in nature. It is never permanent. History proves that point. It will only exist until voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury – which is now happening thanks to Obama. From then on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most from that treasury. Again, this is what Obama has done when running for the Presidency. By turning us into a Socialist economy, he is destroying our Capitalist system – a system by which we have sustained ourselves for decades. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most from the public troth, resulting in the collapse due to a loose policy which is followed y a dictatorship, Italy. If Obama doesn’t fit that pattern, I don’t know who does.

Most democracies last 200 years. Such was the Roman Empire. It is known that from bondage a civilization goes to spiritual growth to great courage to liberty to abundance to complacency than (where we are now) to apathy to dependence and finally back to bondage. Nearly 40% of this nation’s population has already reached “governmental dependency.” Example: millions that are on food stamps, extended unemployment payments to name a few.

Are we that naïve to think this country will survive with the machinations of our government running rampant?

“A good measure is to look at how many want in and how many want out”. Words from Prime Minister Tony Blair from England. If it obvious that up until 2008 many people wanted in and now with Obama in control, our Capitalistic leaders who make the most money and provide the most jobs want to leave. Sure we have people who cross the border. They want what we have! That in itself is not unnatural. But those that have carved a live in America did so by hard work and perseverance. Our parents did that so their families would have a solid foundation on which to build their lives. When the President or leader of a country wants to level the playing field, that he really is saying is: “all people should pay their fair share”. Fine, nobody complains about that, but that doesn’t mean that those without should stop trying.

A grossly overgrown government is not one which will sustain any population growth. Government doesn’t make money, it only spends money. Obama has shut down oil drilling, gas production, auto industry and even farming. There are all going to other countries. America has more oil than Saudi Arabia. What does Obama do? Help Venezuela drill for oil, buy their oil, and import it for us – thereby increasing out oil prices to over $4 a gallon.

How in heaven’s name did this man get the power to turn this beautiful country into a Socialist nightmare!

Barbara Skokan
Perth Amboy

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