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Hope that you remembered to change your calendar to February. The following 7 days are probably highlighted on your calendar to February. They are Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Lincoln’s Birthday, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Washington’s Birthday. My calendar will always include February 17. Because on that date in the year 2011 my friend, Bill George died. I’ll never forget that night. I was just talking to him two days before. He was preparing to get his weekly newspaper out on Wednesday. To those with short memories that newspaper was called the Amboy Beacon. Carolyn Maxwell was the advertising manager and joined him on most of his news events.

Bill and I had many things in common. We both wrote for our school papers. When we were younger and we also worked for the Home News Tribune. Met Bill in a place called Buddies Bar in Parlin. The year was 1990. He told me about an idea that he had for a weekly newspaper. His idea would tie the Raritan Basin together. I really liked this idea because my Dad’s Family was from Perth Amboy and my Mom’s from South Amboy. Three years later a new concept in weekly newspapers was born. Yes, my friends the Victory Bridge tied two Bay Cities together by not only a bridge but by a Beacon. Two years ago that light went out. Bill George died at the age of 64.

A lady named Carolyn Maxwell got that light lit again. She said, “This weekly newspaper will not die.” I think Bill is smiling up there because Carolyn made good on her promise. The weekly paper is now called The Amboy Guardian.

Let’s take time out on February 17th and say a prayer for Bill George and let’s thank Carolyn Maxwell for the great job she has done . God Bless both of you.

Thomas Francis Clark

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