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COMMUNITY VOICE: The Gun Control Scam

Some people believe that passing more “gun control” laws will increase safety and reduce the number of violent deaths by firearms.The passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act was followed by an increase in deaths by firearms. They also increased after the 1994 “Assault Weapon” ban. The paid lobbyists of Gun Prohibition can never claim otherwise, but they are skilled with using half-truths to fool their listeners.

As of 2011 there were 31,940 violent deaths by firearms, about two-thirds suicides (which are seldom reported in the media unless others are involved). It seems insane to call for new laws when the existing laws don’t work as advertised.

Our NJ legislature would best serve the people by increasing the standard NJ income tax exemption to match the Federal amount (about $4,000 this year). It hasn’t been raised since 1977!

Ronald A. Sobieraj

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