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I would like to remind my friends out there that the Post Office is part of the Federal Government. People complain about the 46 cent postage stamp but congress makes that decision. This is not like some gas station where you pay $4 a gallon. The oil companies make that decision. Let us not forget that the 46 cent postage stamp can take your letter to any state in the good old U.S.A.

Saturday mail will be eliminated in August. This should not surprise anyone. They had this idea over 2 1/2 years ago. Sure, we used to have mail two times a day back in the forties and we did without that. Let me tell you about that fallacy. This was true, but only during certain holidays. People knew how to write and sent greeting cards back then. Cursive writing may soon be cut out in our schools. We don’t need junk mail on Saturday. True! But you will get junk mail on the other five days and Macy’s and the other stores pay big money to advertise.

OK!!!! We cut mail delivery to five days. Why not four? Sure, the mail will pile up, but the mail carrier can handle that with an engine attached to his backside over the next 2 or 3 years. We could even cut down more and save a bundle. We really need this with the economy the way it is.

The Postal workers could go on the unemployment. Let’s do away with Mail and Newspapers, too. This is the way the computer boys think. We will tweet you right out of sight. The Tweeters have Facebook, I-Phones and E-Mail. Land Phones, Snail Mail and Newspapers are a thing of the past. Let’s get with it man!!! Wake up and smell the roses.

One of my favorite statesman in American History is Benjamin Franklin. I wonder what he would think about these Einsteins down here? E-Mail is the modern way to keep in touch and I have no use for it, but that is just me. I thank God that I learned to read and write in school.

I grew up with the mailman. He provides safe and reliable delivery right to my doorstep. I don’t have to worry about my mail being hacked off like a light switch. I still receive and pay my bills by mail and they don’t disappear into thin air. I can still put that paper bill on their fridge, so I don’t forget to pay it.

NO POST OFFICE! NO MAILMAN! Thank God they are still alive and out there. We can’t let them go. I look forward to my mail every day and my greeting cards will be in your mailbox so you have something to hold in your hand.

Yes, my Friends, there is a Post Office and a Mailman. They represent the United States of America and our way of life in this great country of ours.

Let us all remember this, “A House is not a House without a Mailbox on it and Home is not a Home without a Newspaper in it.”

Thomas Francis Clark

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