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EDITORIAL: The Dem-o-lition Derby

See Pages 2 & 4 — The Final Chapter – I Hope!

A blind man can see that there are certain members of the Perth Amboy Democratic Party who cannot stand each other.

The consensus of the average Perth Amboy resident walking down the street is, “Who cares what’s going on between these warriors?”

The residents are too busy with more important matters such as feeding their families, keeping their jobs, finding employment and their financial situation. I bet a majority of people if you asked them, “Who are the candidates that are being backed by the voting delegates of the party” The average person couldn’t tell you.

It’s the same people who worry over and over again. And then there are those who say, “Oh, my God! Perth Amboy is going to be run by outsiders who are not going to do anything for us? What political bigwigs made contributions to candidates? And whose strings will they be pulling?”

I propose that we have Perth Amboy Democratic Party Olympics. The categories will be mud-slinging (no explanation needed) tug-of-war, pick your coed teams: high jump, swimming, baseball and soccer, etc.

I think they should sell tickets to this event to raise funds for a good cause: Youth Programs, Fixing the Library, Scholarships to Students who can’t afford college, etc. Tickets can be sold at a very reasonable price, say $5 for adults and for seniors 65+ and children under 5 yrs. $3.

The elections are over. Let’s not rehash any old material. Let sleeping dogs lie because people are tired of it. And nobody really cares anymore.

I wish someone would give me an explanation of, “What constitutes a Good Perth Amboy Democratic Party Member vs. a Bad Democratic Party Member? Because there was no explanation in the communications that stated what that is. There was only a reference to “the love of the City.”

I know residents of Perth Amboy that are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians who also love Perth Amboy. So what differentiates the Perth Democrats from all of these other political parties that love Perth Amboy? Give me more specifics.

Instead of all of this infighting I have a proposal: now don’t faint! Councilwoman Lisa Nanton and other members of the Royal Garden Club has along with Community volunteers have been cleaning up parts of Perth Amboy.

The good and bad Perth Amboy Dem Members should put aside their differences and volunteer for one weekday to join the Royal Garden Club Members in their cleanup.

Here’s an even crazier idea! Why don’t you ask the Perth Amboy Republican Party Members to join you that day. Although their numbers are much smaller.

Four years ago some of the so-called Bad Perth Amboy Dems of today were the Good Perth Amboy Dems. So will it be different four years from now when the Good Dems will be the Bad Dems.

Whether you are a Good or Bad Dem you should be focused on the residents that you represent and not so much on the ego trips going on because this is basically what it is – EGO TRIPS!

I am not going to end on a sour note, so I will say this. I was recently talking to someone who attended the Focus Group held this past Saturday at Olive Street on March 9. They said that it was, “Very satisfactory and informative.” This is what we need more of: Focus Groups, Neighborhood Meetings, Business Meetings and activities such as festivals that bring the community together. So Dems, Republicans, and all other political parties -that should be your focus. C.M.

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