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EDITORIAL: In Appreciation

There was a voice mail on my phone from Mr. Peter Book a.k.a. Pedro Libro. His voice was very excited as he told me that he found a copy of the very first Amboy Beacon dated September 8, 1993, Vol. 1, No. 1. He told me he wanted me to have this copy and he would meet me wherever and whenever I agreed upon.

We met at Mr. Book’s house and my associate Katherine Massopust took a photo.

On the front page was a photo of Bill George listing him as the Editor, and Phyllis Steigelman as publisher. Bill and Phyllis had quite an extensive background in the Newspaper business. It was quite impressive. I knew of Bill’s background, but this was the first time I was exposed to Ms. Steigelman’s credentials.

Throughout the paper there was congratulations from the then governor, Jim Florio, the Mayors at the time, of South Amboy Jack O’Leary and his Council, and Perth Amboy, Joe Vas, and Woodbridge Mayor McGreevy and his family, Asm. Bob Menendez and other local politicians.

On the back cover was a full page ad from a local grocery store. Although the issue will be 20 years old this September, surprisingly some prices in that store circular have not changed that much.

They had a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi-Cola listed for 99 Cents. And today, I can find Pepsi listed for that same price in a 2 liter bottle.

Peter Book was mentioned for a book he wrote called, “Pages From A Book.” Book was described in the Amboy Beacon as one of Perth Amboy’s most talented writers. Jack M. Dudas who was a Councilman at that time was also mentioned in that first issue in a letter to the editor written by John Siberry.

Peter Book, as everyone knows is alive and well but unfortunately Jack M. Dudas passed away on March 15, 2013.

Below is a photo of a resident who is now on the Historic Preservation Commission with myself. He wrote a column in the first Amboy Beacon. Do you recognize him?

These are just a few interesting items I found in the paper.

Mr. Book gave me a copy of a book written by his sister, Mary Book Farmer called, “When We Were Children: Vignettes of Our Growing Up Years In the Depression.”

I glanced through some of the chapters and it’s a very good read. The Book children grew up in a very loving home and talked about the Perth Amboy they loved so much. What impressed me the most is the love and respect the Book children showed for each other and their parents. C.M.

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