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EDITORIAL: This is How I Facebook

With the advent of social networking, almost everyone has a Facebook account. There are people who spend countless hours on the computer, I-pad or cell phone on Facebook.

There on Facebook one will find a person’s status for the day, and pictures of one’s family, friends, pets or whatever suits one’s fancy.

Facebook can be a good thing – you can track down people you went to high school or college with or just people that you haven’t seen in years. You can catch up on lost time.

One can spend more countless hours playing Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville, etc. or whatever game one enjoys.

Facebook accounts can be private, semi-private or public. You can set your settings for some or all of your “friends” to see.

Is Facebook a good or bad thing or a little of both? Do you want everyone to be knowing your business?

Once something is posted, even if it is deleted, Someone may have downloaded it. What is said cannot be unsaid.

On your account is what you like, dislike, your current occupation, the movies and tv shows you like, what baseball or football teams you root for. Do you want everyone to know these things?

There is a dark side of Facebook. You hear the stories on the news of how bosses view perspective employees’ Facebook page and use it as a factor in hiring an individual.

Then there are the stories that people post things on their Facebook page that they view as harmless but someone else views as offensive. These people are subsequently fired from their jobs and publicly disgraced.

I have a Facebook account. I really don’t have the time to dedicate to being on there 24/7 but occasionally I post something. The last post I put on my Facebook account was a YouTube video of Pinky and the Brain’s Brain song.

Sometimes I spend time on there, just to see what is going on.

Other social networks include Linked-in which is more for job-seeking individuals or professionals. Linked-in is a useful tool if you are looking for a job. It is more of a professional social network which can be used for or against you.

So watch what you post on the internet – the world is watching. K.M.

There are so many social media outlets. Which ones are the best ones out there? It depends on what suits your needs.

There are the business networks such as Linked-in, Constant Contact & Go-Daddy are just some of them. I know that Facebook is also used by ordinary people and also by celebrities. Twitter (where the stars try to outdo each other by reporting how many followers they have).

What all these networks have in common are the comments that you post are with you for life from the time you start using them until you die. Look at how many social medias accounts there are for deceased personalities: famous and infamous. Some of these personalities were dead before these social medias even existed.

Google Elvis Presley or Charlie Chaplin or any silent screen star and you will find thousands of fan based Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts. Some of the information you find about these dead celebrities can be totally false since these people are not around to defend themselves. The dead cannot Tweet; they cannot Facebook. How many times have well known personalities have secrets from their past exposed? As of yet I have not opened an account of any of the social networks mentioned in this editorial. I do contacts the old-fashioned way – telephone, cell phone and my favorite – face-to-face.


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