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I read with wry amusement in this week’s Guardian the comments of Ronald A. Sobieraj’s response to my letter of 3/6/2013. Why did he not name me as the culprit? I think I am a reasonable guy. I welcome his opinions, however they may be negative or off the wall. How does he know, “”I obviously don’t want to live there.” naming London, Limerick and Tokyo.” I could have mentioned many other cities. Madrid, Honolulu! Athens! I loved them all! So long as I have a buck in my pocket I would have enjoyed living in any of them high on the hog. They all speak English. Except here in Perth Amboy where I have to learn Spanish. But I still love and enjoy my home town. I am learning the Spanish Language. Even an old dog like me can still learn new tricks!

None of the rights we enjoy under the Bill of Rights are absolute. They have been exercised in respect to other people and society. The unwritten corollary to free speech is the right not to listen. When I watch council and board meetings on TV Channel 34 and the speaker is boring I can easily tune him or her out and turn to the 3 Stooges who usually make more sense than the politicians. But the council has to listen as part of their duties. Very seldom do these speeches contribute anything worthwhile. Except for Alan Silber whom I dubbed Prince Valiant or the Silver Fox. He amounts to the unpaid unofficial 6th member of the council.

As for military pilots on combat missions be allowed to shoot their fuel tanks to destroy the aircraft, I never heard such an asinine offender when I served on combat missions in a couple of international unpleasantries namely WWII and Korea. Where did you, Ronald, get this information? Were you there?

I grew up in the Great Depression. Nobody had lethal weapons. It was a time of revulsion against the senseless slaughter of World War I. The only weapon I ever heard was when some guy had a 22 caliber gun. And that was used mainly for target practice for shooting rats at the city dump. Today the situation with loose lethal weapons is much worse! I hope and pray that Ronald does not ever meet a guy with a gun or other lethal weapon. Sober up, Mr. Sobieraj, Sober up! We greatly enjoy your malapropisms.

Thank you for your courtesies.

Very Truly Yours,

Peter Book/a.k.a. Pedro Libro

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