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When John Kerry (our present Sec. of State) spoke before a Congressional Committee 20 yrs ago, he began an line of lies about our servicemen in Vietnam. These men left America to protect us & prevent war in our country. Some gave all; all gave some. I am sure that when they arrived at their destination they hoped and prayed that what they are about to endure and encounter would slow any military action against them and people in our country.

John Kerry took the low road when he spoke of supposed dastardly acts that were supposedly committed by our troops. This from a man who gave himself a Purple Heart which he did not deserve and another Purple Heart for self inflicted wounds.

He speaks of money which was designated for our fighting men that went instead to a corrupt dictatorial regime. Now does this sound familiar? Our own people, many of whom are jobless and cannot get jobs are prevented from services to which they are entitled. Our government sees fit to send truckloads of money to Asian terrorist countries, hoping they will release pressure put upon us. Our president should know by know that sitting down and appeasing our enemies has not, nor never will bring us peace that people want. We know from the past that might makes right. Why should any country fear us when our President grovels and apologizes for American success? Ronald Reagan brought the Russians down when he embargoed their oil. Keep something they want & they will come back crawling. Threaten them with what you can do to them (Star-Wars) and they fold up their tents and run away.

We have given up our gas and oil productions, car productions and even food production in many states. Our military which is our backbone is being stripped of its ability to protect us. Why should any country fear us if we fear them and do not have the facilities to back us up? The greatest nation God made is being destroyed internally by callousness, bitterness, jealousy and political power. We are going the way of Rome, giving out bread to the populace and entertainment of circuses.

Our politicians are oblivious to the needs of the people that put them in charge. It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! We see this in Washington today.

Four years ago Obama said he would close Gitmo. That never happened. That should not have happened. His intention was to fill our prisons with terrorists. Now he wants 5 1/2 million to refurbish and update Gitmo – to make it more comfortable. Meanwhile our POW’s live in squalor and get their heads chopped off. Obama does not want to offend anyone, so what he does is fine and people believe him.

How long will our foolish populace continue to believe this so-called Messiah called Obama? He has sworn t uphold the Constitution, but he never said which country.

Acting presidential does not mean spending money you don’t have. It’s bad enough to spend our money you don’t have. It’s bad enough to spend our money, but to take away our children’s heritage and their children’s is too much to fathom. Mistakes made now are very difficult to correct.

If what is happening was meant to happen, then the answer is obvious – we must truly deserve what is happening because of our past transgressions and our inability to uphold this doctrine called, “The Constitution.” But why should so many have to suffer because one man wants what he wants?

Barbara Skokan

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